Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Machine That Set The World Record

Joe Smith's Double Engine Nitro Burning Dragster

The Machine Ran 8.02 Seconds at 182.55 miles per hour carburated with a 8" rear tire in becoming the worlds quickest and fastest motorcycle of it's time

Diamond Chain linked the two 108 cubic inch power plants together built by the legendary Joe Smith. The machine drank over 1 1/2 gallons of nitro per 1/4 mile pass through 2 S&S nitro fuel carbs
Joe Smith Custom Built Rear Wheel. The machine proudly wore the number 711. Hurst Air Heart Brakes Were Used To Stop The Massive Machine After Cleaing The Quarter Mile Traps At Over 180 miles per hour.
Two S&S Nitro Fuel Carbs With Dual Float Bowls Custom Built By Gorden Kately Fed The Massive 108 cubic inch Shovelhead Motors Totalling Over 216 cubic inches.

The Mahine Used A B&J Two Speed Transmission. Joe's Favorite Bear At The Track Was Coors Which Also Provided Some Light Weight Puke Tanks.

Two Massive Aluminum Fuel Tanks With Air Craft Fuel Shut Off Valves ed The Monster.

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